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At Sun N Fun Rentals we offer the newest in Scooter Rentals & Safety. As with anything Scooters can be dangerous so we go through a full walk trough and test drive before allowing anyone to drive off for the day. That being said, Scooters can be a great way to see the most of the Island. If you are comfortable and experienced with the Scooters, it is a great cost effective way to see the Vineyard or to just have fun for the day. If you have a larger group ( with children ) then we suggest you get one of our Car rentals. We will help find what fits you best...


Things to watch out for while driving a scooter on Martha's Vineyard
- The island is surrounded by beaches so there is alot of sand on the roads. Sand is dangerous!
Narrow Roads - Driving in certain areas of the Island, there are very narrow roads with soft shoulders.
Cars & Buses - You will be sharing the road with alot of vehicles including large tour buses. Take notice.
Sharp Turns - There are many sharp turns on the Island roads. Reduce speed while going around them.
Pot Holes - There are many sharp turns on the Island roads. Reduce speed while going around them.
Driving at night is not recommended. Scooters are small and hard to see as well as operate in the dark!


Requirements to Rent a Scooter:

- close toed shoes ( no sandles, etc. )
- Must be of the age of 18 or older
- Must have a valid Driver's License
- Must not be Pregnant
- Must not be intoxicated
- Helmets are required by law ( we provide them )

Pass our 10 Min Instructional Speech and Test Drive:

At Sun N Fun we pride ourselves on our safety and awareness of a persons capability to drive safely around Martha's Vineyard. We will teach you how to operate the machine and then if we feel you are ready, we make you take a test drive. If you are able to show us that you can operate it safely , then you are off. If we feel like you are putting yourself in danger, then we will not let you rent...


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